I have been taking my 2007 Ford Explorer here for the last 4 years. I may have purchased a lemon but they help me make lemonade and keep it on the road. Great service and fair rates. I highly recommend them.


My experience with N.A.S. was a bit unique. I found myself having to find a repair facility in the Durham area that could work on my college resident daughter’s car, from California. My choice was a shot in the dark based on online reviews. Did I hit a jackpot? Even from 2800 miles. all my concerns were addressed and my daughter’s car repaired expeditiously. Northgate, you made a tough situation a pleasure.


Very friendly and helpful. It only took half of a day to replace the timing belt in my Honda Odyssey. My only disappointment is that they are not equipped to replace the rollers on the sliding doors, but they were upfront about that.


After being told by two different auto svc facilities that the A/C in my old 90 GMC P/U truck needed to be replaced, I had given up on it; drove around in the summer with the windows open. I took the GMC to Northgate to check the vent blower and to give me an estimate to replace the A/C. They discovered that the compressor was disconnected and a wrong size fuse was in the system. For a minimal fee, my ol' 90 now has a functioning HVAC system. It is such a great feeling to find an honest auto service facility.


As always, great service!


The customer service at this place is the best! In a time where customer service is lacking, this place really knows how to treat a customer. I was greeted even before I got into the building. The service writer asked for my keys and I could continue my conversation on the phone quite easily. They were done with my repair in record time. I wish I could give more stars.


In the last few months I have encountered trouble with 2 different vehicles of mine while out of state. Each time I called back and Tony took the time to listen to what the problem was and assess whether they were safe to drive the 700 miles back to Durham. That is the kind of personalized service you don't get anywhere else.


I have been going there for years based on a trusted recommendation. They have always been reasonable and capable and I have always been pleased with the service.


Great service as usual!!! Thank you for keeping are cars running well!!


Wonderful experience as usual. Can't say enough nice things about this group of people.